Global pandemic: not a problem for online auctions

August 18, 2020

This summer's not an exception for Christie's. Even with the global pandemic, "Jewels Online: Summer Sparkle" presents an exceptional and impressive selection of diamonds and various precious stones. They range in color and shape. This auction is one for the books from classic white diamonds to rare colors like pink, silver, orange, green, and yellow.


The apogee of beauty at Christie's auction is the diamond necklace with a 20.21-carat pear-shaped yellow-brown diamond. Crafted by Graff, this exceptional beauty is expected to be raised up to $400,000.


Christie's "Deep Impact: Lunar and Rare Meteorites" is another separate online auction held at the moment until August 25, 2020. It offers 47 lots with prices that range between $500 to $500,000. One of the most phenomenal lots represents a moon-shaped sample of the moon. It's expected to go for about $500,000.


Without a doubt, this auction will ever be unique and emotionally-charged for collectors and aficionadoes alike. Christie's auction house is a long-lasting auction company. Whether you wish to start your personal collection or adding to an existing one, the possibilities are endless.